Every Day Life

I’m so bored…

I am so very bored. Right now I’m working a summer job in my hometown. I’m helping out in the Fire-Rescue Administrative offices, which may seem interesting because I get to work with fire fighters, but it’s not and I don’t. Instead, I am sitting in an office downtown and watching CNN all day. Except today, today was awesome!

Today we went down to one of our fire stations by the water and got to ride on the ladder truck (the one with the ladder that can reach up to get into the tall buildings) to the marina where they dock the fire boat. Then we got to go on the fire boat and see them shoot water out of the nozzles. We did almost get in trouble with some Navy SEALS because we accidentally rode into a practice thing that they were doing.

Although we (me and the other intern in the office) haven’t had the opportunity such cool things every day that we’ve been here, we were able to take a tour around some of the important stations and centers around the city. For example, we got to go to the fire department’s distribution center/garage. We were able to visit our city’s No. 1 Fire Station and take a quick tour. We also got to see the city’s Fire-Rescue Training center where we got to see a strange mannequin. By strange, I mean that it can breath, it can go into cardiac arrest, you take its blood pressure, you can give it I.V.s, and it blinks and stuff – it’s pretty creepy.

Regardless of creepy mannequins, the training center was cool because while we were there, we got to watch some of the fire fighters film an HR video for new recruits who will begin their program in September.

In terms of the title of this post, I really shouldn’t be all that bored, I have a lot to do despite the fact that it’s the summer time and I live super close to the beach (though that shouldn’t dictate how many things I have to do). First off, I have to write a 20-page research paper for school; I have to turn 2-3 pages in every week to my faculty advisor, and I haven’t even finished all of my research. I have to work on some applications for programs next year that I was supposed to get started on in July, but have to work on in August now. I also have to study for standardized tests that I’m planning on taking in either September or October (I can’t remember which). On top of all of that, this coming year, I’ll be an R.A. in my dorm and so I have to work on some things to prepare for taking care of a bunch of students who are not prepared to live away from home.

Despite all this, I am wasting time watching television and movies, reading stupid books, and writing unnecessary blog posts. Even though these posts are unnecessary, they give me a good way to vent my feelings and tame my thoughts. Do you think that I should try to post more? I don’t really know, I have no reason to think that I should considering there are very few people who seem to visit this blog.

I’m thinking that I’m going to try to start posting more and change my blog so that it’s more of a multipurpose blog than it is now (or back when I wrote this). I’m going to keep a backlog of posts too because I have a lot to write about and I can’t fit many more incoherent topics in this particular post. Whatever… I’m going to write another post that I’ll post probably a day or two after this one.

Be well, do good work.

*Just a quick note, I wrote this earlier today when I had no access to wi-fi, so I’m posting it now.


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