Summer Research Paper

Last school year, I applied to be a summer scholar at my school and complete at 25-40 page history research paper. My only question at this point (now that it’s pretty much due in 5 weeks) is … why? If I have any advice for anyone, it is to not subject themselves to this kind of self-inflicted misery. I will admit however, that I am enjoying learning the different things about African music and dance and early African-American cultural traditions. Despite this interest I have in my topic and my investment (I’ve been working for more almost 2 months) in the project, I am fed up with the writing.

This “I’m done” attitude may come from the way that I write. What I mean by that is that if I am writing a research paper, I sit with my sources right in front of me and write that way, rather than writing from notes like I think most normal human beings do (although I don’t even know what normal is).

I want to be finished with this paper, but I have still have work to do. All I know is that I should keep looking for the silver lining, it must be there somewhere.

Be well, do good work.


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